The Power of Lead Guerrilla

Picture a black box that plugs into the wall. Switch it on and qualified leads with an interaction history are automatically added into your CRM system – day in and day out – while the system is running. You’ll also get charts and feedback on which messages clients respond to best, so that the ‘machine’ can just get more and more effective over time.

Lead Guerrilla is a control panel for your brand’s marketing efforts, organizing your website, social media, text and email communications into a single, intuitive Marketing Automation system.


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  • Social
  • CRM
  • Analytics
  • Marketing

Multi-Channel Campaigns

Send automated emails, tweets and text messages. Track customer activity across websites, Twitter, Live Chat,  web forms and email to determine lead scoring.

Landing Pages

Create landing pages and forms from scratch or with ready-made templates. Track visitor history and file downloads, perform A/B testing and present personalized dynamic content.

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Contact Management

Segment your Contacts by category, points and stages – then design Campaigns for specific client segments. Sync Contacts with your CRM, including custom field values.

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Web Forms, Tracking & Lead Scoring

Design dedicated landing pages, or embed forms in existing web pages. Add Lead Guerrilla website tracking to capture visitor activity, build contact history and assign lead scoring.

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Dashboards & Reporting

Visualize your marketing progress using a highly informative heads-up dashboard. Use custom or predefined reports to better understand audience interests and preferred channels.

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Advanced Marketing Techniques

Lead Guerrilla offers capabilities such as Progressive Profiling, Account-based marketing, Segment-specific messaging and Dynamic content across multiple channels.

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