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Dashboards & Reporting

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Dashboards & Reporting

Use the Lead Guerrilla Dashboard and Reports to gain marketing intelligence insights that will help you better understand your audience interests and preferred channels of communication.

Keeping up with the latest developments in your automated marketing activities is easily accomplished with the help of Lead Guerrilla’s dashboard widgets. Use the ready-to-go default selections, or create your own customized view of the metrics that matter most to you. The highly visual Dashboard provides the heads-up-display you can glance at for quick data-rich updates.

Advanced Reporting

Dynamic, detailed reports give you power to analyze everything from overall trends to individual campaign results. The Reports module enables users to run pre-defined reports or design their own custom reports.

Understanding campaign performance has to be easy for everyone using Lead Guerrilla. That’s why users have the ability to create custom reports based on a wide selection of data, including creating reports that show results across entire campaigns, not just their components.

Build detailed reports to learn about everything from patterns of prospect behaviour, audience engagement and email results to marketing attribution and pipeline growth.

To stay competitive, all your business systems need their data to be usable in many forms. You can export report details and data for deeper analysis or to share with other team members or partners.