Multi-Channel Campaigns: Email, Social, SMS & Web

Multi-Channel Campaigns

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Contact Management

Web Forms, Tracking & Lead Scoring

Dashboards & Reporting

Advanced Marketing Techniques

Start With Email Campaigns

It all starts with Email Campaigns – the simplest and most common form of digital marketing.

Lead Guerrilla of course enables you to:

  • Create branded emails from scratch with our intuitive email editor
  • Design your own email templates
  • Use pre-existing mobile responsive email templates supplied with Lead Guerrilla
  • Download additional free templates from our site, or purchase commercial templates from a variety of sources
  • Create simple one-time or drip-feed email campaigns with our very visual drag ’n drop Campaign Builder to nurture leads through your sales funnel

Add Smarter Campaign Logic

Sophisticated Digital Marketing includes much more than just email campaigns. For a start we need to implement a number of sensors to detect what our potential clients are doing, so we can treat them in ways that are appropriate to their indicated preferences and interests.

  • Create Social monitors and scan for Twitter mentions and hashtags to collect client activity data
  • Make Campaign decisions based on emails being opened, or files being downloaded
  • Instrument your web properties for client activity tracking, and make Campaign decisions based on the pages they visit
  • Create Web forms to automatically collect lead data, but also capture service requests, quote requests, contact requests, etc.. and automate their responses
  • As you build a more complete client profile, manage their lead score dynamically from their actions, and pass that data along to your CRM for action by Sales

Go Multi-Channel

The next step in smart Digital Marketing is to extend beyond email into channels such as Text Messages (via Twilio), Web Notifications (via OneSignal) and Social media (via Twitter). Today’s consumer is digitally sophisticated, knows what they want and how they prefer to interact with you.

  • Let clients set their preferred frequency and channels of interaction
  • Define your campaigns to use multiple channels, and learn which channels most effectively help you reach your audience

Use Audience Segmentation for best Results

Segmentation is simply grouping your Contacts by their properties. Segment by almost anything: by geography; by which lead form they responded to; or by buying signals such as opening emails, viewing pricing pages or submitting forms.

Then use your Segments to present different campaigns to different segments, ensuring that the right offers, content, and follow-ups go to the appropriate clients.

Iterate Using A/B Testing

Once you have implemented multi-channel campaigns across multiple client segments, with smart campaign logic making decisions based on client activities you can monitor, your next stage of business evolution is continual improvement!

  • Strengthen your Campaign performance by employing A/B testing and real-time reports on key metrics to reveal which approaches perform best, then adjust to improve conversion rates
  • Measure campaign results and quickly adapt them to improve engagement and conversion
  • Through data collection you’ll learn how to engage your prospects and customers through the most effective channel.